An Insight on Project Pricing

Opting to select which professional website developer to work with can be difficult. Every business operates on trade-offs. A business owner may find him or herself asking:

  • How much should I pay for a professional website?
  • What are my most important factors in choosing a developer? (Price, established reviews, timeline, etc…)
  • Do I want to play a major role in how my website is developed? (Color scheme, images, etc…)
  • What perks does one developer offer over another?
  • Should I even bother with hiring a professional?

These questions are all viable — and you should certainly consider them. To be quite blunt, I do understand that pricing is the difference maker. There is no surprise here either! Businesses operate to make money, so if I were to charge more than what the business expects to make off the website then that would be a horrible model.

My pricing model is quite simple, actually. I simply estimate how much time a project will take and I will factor in how much I believe my labor is worth. For example, if you want a simple one-page landing design with little-to-no fancy elements, you’ll be paying quite a bit less than the average customer. With that being said, each quote is unique. The best way to find out what your project will cost is to contact me. There will be no hard feelings if you find a better quote elsewhere, or if you simply do not respond to my quote. It’s business!

There are ZERO hidden fees with Cohen Web Design. These hidden fees are often found in hosting, for example. Other web developers may offer what is called “reseller hosting” in the industry. Reseller hosting simply refers to the practice of a web developer outsourcing his or her hosting, yet being able to charge a middleman fee for doing so. Think of it like a referral bonus, but the money is coming directly out of YOUR pocket. It’s just plain wrong in my opinion.

In short, my business operates on a few simple premises…

  1. The more customers I work with, the more revenue I will earn.
  2. If I produce quality work at an unbeatable price, my 5-star reviews will rise.
  3. If I build a reputation, I will earn more customers.

It’s actually quite a recursive model!

If you find yourself having further questions, please refer to my FAQ page. Following that visit to the FAQ, if you still have questions, please do reach out for further assistance.

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