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A website is one of the most valuable assets to a business in the modern market. Additionally, a website is far cheaper than a brick-and-mortar location! Costs of operating at a physical location, in the Binghamton, NY area and other large cities, continue to rise!

To cut to the chase, the cost of your website will rely heavily on the project scope. Regardless, you will not receive a more modest quote anywhere else!

You will immediately be added to my personal cell phone contacts until at least the end of the project. Contact can also be kept via email. For clients, expect all inquiries to be answered within 24 hours.

If you are local to the Binghamton, NY area, we can also meet in person to review changes along the way!

The beautiful thing about websites is that they are cheap to maintain and operate. I do not charge hidden fees. I charge you a ONE TIME fee to perform the project, from there you will only need to pay for hosting and domain registration. This website is hosted for less than $10/month with a less than $12/yr domain charge!

Other firms in the Binghamton, NY area may engage in the popular passive income stream of reseller hosting. I do not do this.

Absolutely! If you would like an eCommerce website (selling goods online), make sure to let me know before we commence. I would be happy to kickstart your online store!

eCommerce is an excellent alternative, or an addition, to the brick-and-mortar option. As mentioned earlier, costs are rising for locations in the Binghamton, NY area; thus, establishing an eCommerce stream is more important than ever.

For your convenience, I accept the following payment methods: Bank transfer (ACH), Mailed Check, Cash, PayPal, and Venmo. Payments can be made in equal (50%) installments. Otherwise, payment should be made upfront before project commencement.

If you are local to the Binghamton, NY area, payment can be made in-person.

Absolutely. Every project comes with a complimentary video guide detailing everything you need to know about your new website. Remember: YOU own your website, not me!

In addition, a new page dedicated to clients of mine is coming soon. This page will cover many topics about website ownership. Who else in the Binghamton, NY area offers this?

The answer to this question is quite simple. I include no extra bloatware on the websites I create. All websites are tested using Google’s official PageSpeed Insights tool. If a website scores below 85%, it will go through intense editing until it performs up to standards.

Don’t just take it from me, here is my website’s PageSpeed report!

Google Page Speed test showing that Cohen Web Design, based out of Binghamton, NY, performs in the top 1% of all websites on the web!

Cohen Web Design produces the fastest websites in Binghamton, NY. Period.

In order to be found on Google, your website must be indexed. All website projects undertaken by Cohen Web Design are manually submitted to the Google Search Console. Furthermore, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) protocols are performed. Basic SEO includes using strong keywords that directly pertain to your business, as well as tying your business strongly to a geographical location.

Example of a strongly written sentence, following common local SEO best practices: “Cohen Web Design, based out of Binghamton, NY, provides affordable website design services for small and medium-sized businesses.”

There is no simple answer to this question. It requires a lot of interaction and outreach via social media, your online website, review platforms (Yelp, Google Reviews, etc), and word-of-mouth.

Search Engine Optimization is also vital here. SEO includes mentioning your local area many times in your pages, as I do with Binghamton, NY!

This is simple. Firstly, I am the sole member of my company (Cohen Web Design, LLC). This means that I have no employees to pay, as all work is solely mine to do. Secondly, this business is directly funding my college education. Thus, I aim to provide the best rates in the Binghamton, NY area in order to fund my journey at Binghamton University.

I offer tons of extra services in order to ensure I am a “one-stop-shop” for all of your business’ needs. I offer content writing, search-engine optimization, blog development, website caching (to promote speed increases), graphic design, and more!

Cohen Web Design is based out of Binghamton, NY, within Broome County. I am fully-online, meaning I can service businesses anywhere within the United States!