Own Your Website.

A goldmine of information.

The Principle

Each and every client of mine is treated equally. Some projects require more effort and outside-the-box development, while some require elegant simplicity.

you own it.

Your website is yours. Let’s get you the knowledge you need to own it.

i don’t rely on repeat customers.

Many website developers rely on monthly payments by their customers, as a “maintenance and upkeep” fee. The truth is… Nothing special is done.

I Want My Clients To Succeed.

Small business owners are the hardest working individuals one can imagine. There is a common saying in entrepreneurship…

Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week

Lori Greiner

Many business owners value the ability to be independent. I respect that sentiment. That is why Cohen Web Design is aiming to disrupt the expected operations within the website development industry.

If a business owner needs help, he or she can come to me directly instead of paying a large monthly fee.