A Revenue Stream: Translating clicks into customers

Many developers believe that publishing websites with basic details is enough for small businesses to gain traction. Cohen Web Design, LLC approaches business from a different perspective.

In order to win a customer over via the Internet, there are a few core standards that must be followed. Primarily, website aesthetics. Oftentimes potential customers will veer away from businesses that appear to have cut corners when it comes to website design. In order to combat this, it is typically recommended to bring in a professional developer to do the legwork. Secondly, website speed. If a website is loading slow, customers may become frustrated and exit the site altogether. This is the main reason why I make it a high priority to perform rigorous tests on every website I put out. Lastly, website functionality. A website can stunning, but if it does not function properly it is 100% useless to a business. All websites I publish are fully-functional, free of careless design flaws that other companies seem to overlook.

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