5 common misconceptions about owning a website

There is no question that the advertising game has changed. In the past, companies relied on billboards and newspaper articles to drive in traffic. On the other hand, nowadays businesses are using the power of the Internet as their main source of promotion. If your business is not actively advertising on the Internet, you are behind. Some business owners are reluctant at first to establish their own website due to common misconceptions. Let me put your mind at ease so you can bring your business to the next level!

Just like with all business expenses, the Return on Investment (ROI) should be taken into account. The up-front cost may be a little uncomfortable; however, the revenue that the website will bring in should outweigh the initial expenses.

Of course. Cyber attacks are always something to keep in mind. I perform basic security measures on each and every website I develop, which should deter 99.99% of attack attempts. With that being said, if you are not engaging in eCommerce then you should have nothing to worry about.

For the client? No. For the developer? Possibly. This really depends on the needs of your business. Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date eCommerce catalog may require more effort as time goes on. However, most business websites require a handful of edits each year (at most).

Absolutely not. Advertisements are placed at the discretion of the website owner (you).

Developing a website can take a large amount of time; however, you will not be inconvenienced by this. I put tons of work in each and every day to make sure I meet the agreed-upon deadline.

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