Catching the Eye: Choosing the right website

In order to effectively catch the eye of the consumer, the right website structure should be deployed. Consider these scenarios. You are seeking to keep customers updated on future events at your business location. What design should you opt for? I would argue that a blog would be very effective. Little technical knowledge is needed to maintain a blog page and will allow you (the owner) to remain independent from developers like myself. Okay, so what about if you are trying to display your artistry portfolio? Simple. I would opt for a design-focused page with retina-quality images. Media would drive your business, so written paragraphs of text should come few are far between.

Consider the following questions. Always remember that you are in the driver’s seat. The website must meet your expectations.

If so, consider including information-rich features. These features would include: a service calendar highlighting your availability, an appointment booking system, and your specific services. More text on the page is better. Information is key in securing customers.

If so, consider including enticing features. These features include: frequent use of coupon codes, email subscription lists, eCommerce, and high-quality photos.

If so, consider orienting your website around a portfolio. Photography is a delicate art-form and requires high levels of skill developed over time, thus you must highlight your capabilities before anything else.

If so, consider integrating Google Maps directly into your website! Customers can order their items ONLINE and your delivery driver would receive a text message with a Google Maps link sent directly to them. With this system, time and mistakes are saved!

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