Updating Your Website

So you made the wise decision to partner with Cohen Web Design and I finished your beautiful website… Now what?

I take a customer-friendly approach to website development — meaning, I build websites around the need of each specific customer. If a customer explicitly states that he or she does not intend to update the finished website in the future, I will not bother implementing a CMS (content management system); however, this is not the case in most projects.

I offer cheap training add-ons to each customer. We can work together to decide on a training method that works best (i.e. written documentation, in-depth video guide, etc..)

Choosing to purchase a form of training will allow you (the business entity) to function independently from your website developer (Cohen Web Design). You will come out of the training being fully equipped to make changes to your website without needing to pay a professional!

Many website developers depend on repeat-customers — I DON’T. Once you finish with Cohen Web Design, you will have all the power to function freely!

A trusty mechanic fixes your car’s issues the first time — why should a web designer function differently?

Note: All customers of Cohen Web Design have free access to my inbox for all questions!

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