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Web Hosting and Domain Registration

Before diving into this post, let me define domain registrar and web host. First, a domain registrar is a company that handles the registration of new domain names on the World Wide Web. A domain name is what you type into your web browser’s address bar before hitting enter, such as: Google.com, Wikipedia.org, USA.gov, etc… A web host is a company that is physically responsible for making sure your domain name is accessible to the outside world. Every website is operated on a physical machine, in which these web hosts have thousands of. Now that we have a basic idea of what a domain registrar and web host are, let us dive into the article.

Oftentimes, picking the right web host and domain registrar can feel like a challenge. There are companies that have earned success in these areas simply by dumping millions into advertising — I am looking at you GoDaddy. These companies (such as GoDaddy) often offer lackluster features and services when compared to their competition. Trust a professional to offer advice on selecting a service; choosing the right company to host and register your website can save you A LOT of money AND hassle!

If you get anything out of this article — STAY AWAY FROM GODADDY!

I have compiled a list of my favorites — and YES you CAN register your domain separately from your hosting and you SHOULD!

If you decide to partner with Cohen Web Design to make your professional website, this decision can be made for you OR you can request a web host/domain registrar.

  • Namecheap
    • Pretty much interchangeable with Google, whoever is offering the better price should be chosen.
  • Google Domains
    • Pretty much interchangeable with Namecheap, whoever is offering the better price should be chosen.
  • 101domains
    • For obscure domain extensions (User interface not on par with Google or Namcheap)
  • Freenom
    • For a free domain name (NOT recommended for professional projects)
  • SiteGround
    • Cheapest and unbelievably reliable. Great for small to medium businesses.
    • Support team is phenomenal.
    • Perfect choice for 90% of projects.
  • VeeroTech
    • More robust (and more expensive) than SiteGround. This is a great choice for large businesses.
    • Support team is phenomenal.
    • Great choice for a smaller population.
  • FreeWebHostingArea
    • Absolutely free.
    • Insecure and not nearly as reliable as the other two.
    • Great for very small projects, such as learning the basics of HTML or CSS.
    • Great choice for beginner devs, bad choice for the rest of the population.

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